Have Trouble With Your Car Battery? Learn How and When to Replace it Yourself!

November 12th, 2021 by

Tips and When to Replace Your Car Battery

Car batteries wear down over time, regardless of how well you maintain your automobile. They must be changed every few years. It’s just one of those things that motorists have to deal with on a routine basis. Fortunately, replacing a battery is a simple procedure. Car batteries typically last three to five years, which implies that if you purchase a car every three to four years, you may not need to replace a flat battery. However, if you buy old automobiles or retain your car for an extended time, you will almost certainly need to replace the batteries. It’s the most common cause for motorists to contact a towing company. Fortunately, this is a small process that you can complete on your own. The Service Team at Barret Jaguar in Boerne, TX, will help with tips on replacing your car battery.

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Learn How and When to Do Change By Yourself

Although there is no straightforward answer to how much a car battery will survive, generalizations based on years of industry experts can be made. It’s also okay if you’re not confident in your ability to replace a car battery. Come to our dealership and let the experts handle it. Lift the bonnet and look for the battery with the engine off. Remove the battery’s negative (black) battery cable. With a combo tool, unscrew the nut next. Battery tweezers or a battery wrench might be a preferable instrument to employ. Remove the battery by the belt, but be cautious of any spills because battery acid is hazardous.

To fully remove any rust that may have been left behind on the battery box and hold it down grip from your old battery, use a battery cleaning fluid or a bicarbonate soda and water. Using a scrub brush, clean the battery cable terminals. Use a battery-cleaning solution to remove severe corrosion from the terminals. Insert the fresh battery into the tray while remaining erect. Make sure the positive and negative connections are on the right side of the circuit.

Start the car by covering the battery. You’ll need to enter the radio code and any additional PINs to recover the communications components unless you have a battery storage conserve.

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