Take off on an adventure in the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE!

By Product Expert | Posted in Jaguar E-PACE on Friday, March 12th, 2021 at 7:17 pm
2021 Jaguar E-PACE on the side of the road

How far can the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE go on a tank of fuel?

Individuals who are looking for a new compact SUV that is full of great features, is luxurious, and safe would like what the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE offers. With a stunning exterior design, various trim level options, and an estimated fuel economy that can go the distance, there will certainly be a 2021 Jaguar E-PACE that fits into your lifestyle and budget. How far can the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE go on a tank of fuel? You have come to the right place to find out!

2021 Jaguar E-PACE going down the road

Estimated fuel economy of the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE

The 2021 Jaguar E-PACE is available in three trim levels which include the E-PACE, E-PACE SE, and E-PACE 300 Sport. All three trim levels have the same estimated fuel economy which is 20 mpg in the city, 26 mpg on the highway, and 23 mpg combined. The fuel tank is able to hold 17.1 gallons of fuel. This means that the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE can go 342 miles in the city, 444.6 miles on the highway, and 393.3 miles combined.

What are the specs and features of the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE?

Steering wheel and center console in the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE

Can I make it to and from Dallas, TX on a tank of gas?

The city of Boerne, TX, and Dallas, TX are about 292 miles away from each other. You will definitely be able to make it to Dallas on a tank of fuel, but you should fill up before heading home. However, if you are looking to stay closer to home and go to San Antonio for the day, it is only 32 miles away from Boerne. You will definitely be able to make it there and back again on a tank of gas.

Do not forget to clean the interior of your vehicle!

Man loading up the back end of the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE

Where can I purchase a 2021 Jaguar E-PACE in Boerne, TX?

We are anxiously waiting for the 2021 Jaguar E-PACE to arrive in our showroom at Jaguar Boerne. Keep an eye on our online inventory so that you can be one of the first to see this vehicle and take it for a test drive when it arrives at Jaguar Boerne!

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