You Can Charge Your Jaguar Electric Vehicles at Home!

January 7th, 2022 by

Benefits of Charging Your Jaguar at Home in Boerne, TX

With the remarkably successful and well-received I-Pace, Jaguar was one of the first premium manufacturers to enter the all-electric industry. Jaguar’s hallmark grandeur, flair, and performance are paired with groundbreaking long-range electric drivetrain engineering, and customers can get plenty of. Purchasing an I-Pace also entails purchasing an EV home charger that fulfills the vehicle’s requirements. There is no better place than your house when it comes to powering your Jaguar. Plugin your car at night, and your car will be completely recharged and prepared to go the next day. The Jaguar Boerne in Boerne, TX, will discuss the benefits of charging your Jaguar at home.

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Jaguar clients in Boerne will find it simple to set up a charging station at their residence. Level 1 chargers use your EV’s supply cable and plug it into a standard domestic power supply, such as a 120-volt outlet. It takes six times more time to charge your car at this stage. While charging straight from a household outlet is slower than using a home charger, it should be sufficient to handle the average daily trip of 30 miles if the car is recharged overnight.

How far can the 2022 Jaguar I-Pace run in one charge?
Recharging at house is simple, but it also saves money per mile compared to gasoline and diesel. You can save even more money by switching to an off-peak electricity plan. If your house requires more extensive electrical upgrades to accept the 240-volt charge, the qualified installer can walk you over your options. The work may require a city permit and a site visit or regulatory sign-off. A certified installer can help you manage those concerns as they emerge, sparing you money and aggravation.

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